Nurture Contacts

Businesses that Focus on Nurturing Generate 50% More Leads at 33% Lower Cost

Nurture Contacts

Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities.

Automated email campaigns can help make your sales team the best they can be.  Our tools will ensure best practices are followed to keep relationships strong with existing customers, as well as keep you in front prospects in your sales funnel.  

To ensure delivery of emails, our tools send 1 to 1 emails, meaning, this isn't a batch email or spam.  Each email is comes from your email address, and only goes to one person at a time.

Up-selling and cross selling increases revenue, but can also increase client retention 95%.

Utilizing lead scoring dramatically increases productivity as sales people can spend their time with qualified online leads.  Based on the prospect interaction with your content, we'll focus on leads in the right stage of the buyer's process.

Automated emails and smart calls to action lead prospects on a purchasing path, from Discovery to Consideration, to Decision.

A properly nurtured client is worth more than $10,000 worth of Advertising.

Most clients and even prospects are likely to make a referral after a positive experience, so our nurture campaigns are designed to take advantage of every opportunity.

In some cases, creating a positive experience to build from is the first step. That may be a referral for them, or maybe a discount code, or some industry insights.

Relevant emails drive 18X more revenue than broadcast emails

A custom crafted offer to prospects and clients displays that you have the resources and knowledge to create value.  

Everyday a person is being pitched at least 3,000 times with some type of advertising or marketing.  59% found the ads had little to no relevance to them.  With customized offers you break out of the background and come to the forefront showing you know their situation and have real solutions.

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